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Glassless Dance Mirrors

Shatterproof & Lightweight

Bright Reflectivity

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Our shatterproof, glassless dance mirrors provide brighter reflections than any plate glass, acrylic or plastic mirror. Priced competitively, our glassless dance mirrors are made of highly reflective polyester film that's perfect for use in dance studios, gyms, fitness centers, schools, theaters, and more. You've probably seen our products without realizing it in your local dance studio, or in entertainment productions such as Cirque Du Soleil, The Producers and the Super Bowl halftime show.

glassless dance mirrorsOur glassless dance mirrors are lightweight and easy to install. You can wall or ceiling mount them, or buy them with a rolling or stationary stand.

They're also self-extinguishing in the event of fire. Click on any of the items below and you'll be presented with more information from our parent company's online catalog at From there, you'll be able to place items in your cart and checkout if you're ready to purchase.

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